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What is the Laboratory of  Exercise Examination?

     The laboratory is engaged in the promotion of physical activity and adjudicates the ability to practice different sports.  It covers supervision of qualified and amateur athletes and chronically ill people who wish to keep physical activity. A special emphasis is placed on the examination of people taking up recreational sports activities.

What is ergospiromethrical examination?

     This medical examination is performed using the first-class equipment:  Ergospirometer ZAN600 Reynolds Medical (the only one in Podkarpackie region) - used for the diagnosis of cardiovascular, respiratory and muscular metabolism in response to exercise.  This method is used in medical diagnostics of athletes, amateur athletes and people who care about their physical condition.

     Tests using ergospiromethry are used in cardiology, pulmonology, sports medicine and rehabilitation. They are carried for differential diagnosis of the causes of exertional dyspnea and assessment of respiratory function, exercise tolerance and prognosis of heart disease or lung disease.

     The tests are also used in the assessment of physical fitness and to assess progress in its implementation.  Physical effort examination is performed by a person examined on a treadmill or ergometer.  The examination is based on the electrocardiographic exercise test
including monitoring of blood pressure, heart rate, ST segment changes, and more.

Our lab disposes of OSCAR 2 pressure Holter examination (24-hours blood pressure recording) of OXFORD, and HOLTER EKG CARDIOSCAN 11 (24h or 48h heart rate record) of OXFORD.

What is it and how proceeds the cardiac stress examination?

     The cardiac stress test called  exercise test, or stress ECG examination is a non-invasive evaluation of body's ability to dynamic exercise.  It is performed on a treadmill, where the angle is gradually increased to simulate running uphill, e.g., climbing the stairs.  During the examination the blood pressure and ECG are continuously monitored.

Why is this examination used for?

  • detect features of coronary heart disease,
  • assess the function of the heart in response to increased physical activity,
  • establish a plan of cardiac rehabilitation,
  • detect cardiac arrhythmias,
  • assess the results of medical treatment, surgical and invasive one.

When the cardiac stress test should be performed?

  • pain in the chest,
  • changes in resting ECG,
  • cardiac arrhythmias,
  • suspected coronary artery disease
  • preliminary examinations qualifying for sports.

NOTE! The examination is subject to risks, so it is always done in the presence of doctors and providing possible resuscitation procedure (defibrillator, drugs).

Our labs offer:

  • stress examination - ergospirometry,
  • spirometry,

How the examination can be performed?

  • private (fee - according to the price list).

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