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Our Department has a contract with the National Health Fund to perform surgery only in the One Day Surgery.  It is possible to make a paid treatment of the full range of urology.  The diagnostic methods applied in the ward (e.g. 3 laboratories of magnetic resonance imaging 1.5 - 2,7 Tesla, 2 laboratories of computed tomography, 2 intraoperative X-ray apparatus,  ultrasound laboratories and endoscopic laboratory) provide a comprehensive treatment plan.

Surgical treatments are performed in modern operating rooms, which allow us to carry out even the most complex operations.  Brief hospitalization of the patient and rapid return to full fitness after an operation - is our chief motto of treatment.

A qualified, professional and friendly staff provides high quality medical services.  Second-grade specialization and academic-degree medical staff, having many years of experience both in hospital and clinical wards.  We carry a wide variety of surgical treatments using laparoscopy and conventional methods.

Department of Urology performs treatments in the field:

  • crushing kidney stones and urethral using ultrasonic waves,
  • crushing stones using laser,
  • laparoscopy and traditional operations of urinary tract
  • diagnosis of urinary tract infections.

What are the benefits of lithotripsy treatment method compared to conventional treatments?

Lithotripsy is the most frequent and the most common treatment for kidney stones.  It is chosen because of its low invasiveness, repeatability, ease of acceptance by the patient, but also because many times, despite theoretically less opportunities, it is possible to achieve complete cleaning of kidneys from deposits.  The patient is not exposed to a long stay in hospital.  The treatment gives it peace of mind and security.  Dissemination of this method eliminates almost completely the need for operative removal of stones from the kidney or ureter.  Typically, the patient can go home the same or next day.

NOTE! As the only company in Rzeszow we have ultrasonic lithotripter MODULITH SLK of STORZ - number one in the world.

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