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Our Department has a contract with the National Health Fund to perform surgery under full hospitalization.

The diagnostic methods applied in the ward (e.g. 3 laboratories of magnetic resonance imaging 1.5 - 2.7 Tesla, 2 laboratories of computed tomography, 2 intraoperative X-ray apparatus,  ultrasound laboratories and endoscopic laboratory) provide a comprehensive treatment plan.

Surgical treatments are performed in modern operating rooms, which allow us to carry out even the most complex operations.  Brief hospitalization of the patient and rapid return to full fitness after an operation - is our chief motto of treatment.

A qualified, professional and friendly staff provides high quality medical services.  Second-grade specialization and academic-degree medical staff, having many years of experience both in hospital and clinical wards.

We carry a wide variety of surgical treatments using laparoscopy and conventional methods.

Improper nasal patency leads to difficulty of breathing, which may result in fatigue, impaired concentration, headaches, snoring during sleep, along with changes in the throat - nocturnal apnea.  Nasal patency disorders can lead to chronic sinusitis.  Complication of sinusitis may be swelling and infiltration of the cheek, eye socket, osteomyelitis, meningitis - meningitis, epidural empyema and brain abscess. 

  • Removing polyps from the nose and sinuses is one of the stages of treatment, an allergy so prevalent today.
  • Corrective operations of shape of the nose and septum.
  • In the treatment of diseases of the throat we conduct adenoid removal, partial and complete removal of the tonsils operations.  Failure of treatment leads to respiratory disorders, malocclusion, and for adults to systemic complications such as rheumatic fever.
  • Chronic inflammation of the larynx, nasal polyps, reinke oedema and tumors we treat by performing video microlaryngoscopy (polyp excision) of the larynx.  The long delay in making appropriate treatment can lead to cancer of the larynx.  Video Microsurgery of larynx takes about 15 minutes.
  • We perform removal of proliferative lesions of the ears and the ear canal and the corrective operations and distorted protruding ears.  We treat tumors of the neck (benign cysts and tumors), and salivary gland diseases - kidney, benign tumors.
  • We treat changes in the skin of the face and neck.

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