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Our Department has a contract with the National Health Fund to perform surgery under full hospitalization.  The diagnostic methods applied in the ward (e.g. 3 laboratories of magnetic resonance imaging 1.5 - 2.7 Tesla, 2 laboratories of computed tomography, 2 intraoperative X-ray apparatus,  ultrasound laboratories and endoscopic laboratory) provide a comprehensive treatment plan.

Surgical treatments are performed in modern operating rooms, which allow us to carry out even the most complex operations.  Brief hospitalization of the patient and rapid return to full fitness after an operation - is our chief motto of treatment.

A qualified, professional and friendly staff provides high quality medical services.  Second-grade specialization and academic-degree medical staff, having many years of experience both in hospital and clinical wards. We carry a wide variety of surgical treatments using endoscopic and conventional methods.

We use surgical techniques that allow, in most cases, to perform no-gypsum treatment, where necessary, light immobilizing dressings.  We provide total hip and knee joint replacement.  We specialize in arthroscopic knee surgery. It is a minimally invasive surgery ("keyhole"), with no need a largely “open the joint". Currently, in the world's leading clinics, many treatments are made only using arthroscopic method.  This technique allows a less patient exposure to infectious complications, the tissue healing is better and the hospital stay significantly reduced.

The arthroscopic knee surgery includes:

  • diagnosis and treatment of meniscus lesions (removal of the damaged meniscus in chronic and multiple sprains knee),
  • diagnosis and treatment of cartilage defects (defects inveterate treatment using microfracture and drilling),
  • diagnostics and repair of damaged knee ligaments,
  • plastic surgery to patellar retinaculum pain syndromes,
  • removal of articular loose bodies (including osteochondritis dissecans)
  • removal of synovial amended (including histopathology).

Plastic surgery of cruciate ligaments of the knee performed using STRYKER and MITEK Bio Aspiration Systems.

The arthroscopic shoulder surgery includes:

  • diagnosis of lesions and diseases of the shoulder joint,
  • removal and treatment of lesions of the articular cartilage surface,
  • plastic surgery ofacetabular labrum.

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