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In our clinic neurosurgical operations are performed in the scope adapted to the current possibilities.  For several years, we have been trying to get a contract with the NFZ, but unfortunately still we do not have a contract for reimbursement of surgical treatments and hospitalization.  Now we can treat our scheduled patients.  Diagnostic methods available in the clinic (MRI 1.5 - 2.7 Tesla, computed tomography, intraoperative x-ray, ultrasound) allow us to plan and carry out a comprehensive treatment of diseases of the spine (cervical and lumbar intervertebral discs), peripheral nerves (carpal teams, nerve reconstruction) and other neurosurgical diseases.  Surgical treatments are performed in modern operating rooms, which allow us to carry out even the most complex operations. Brief hospitalization of the patient and rapid return to full fitness after an operation - is our chief motto of treatment.

A qualified, professional and friendly staff provides high quality medical services.  Second-grade specialization and academic-degree medical staff, having many years of experience both in hospital and clinical wards.

NOTE! Since many years, as the only company in the Podkarpackie Region, we have performed in an outpatient conditions, minimally invasive spine treatments using computed tomography preview.  This minimizes the risk of surgery and significant increases efficacy.

This method is recommended in patients with conservative treatment:

  • discopathy
  • spondylolisthesis
  • narrowing of the spinal canal
  • degenerative arthritis of the spine

is ineffective and does not bring the expected improvement.

The treatment involves the introduction of anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics and antiedema into the spinal canal, precisely in the place of the source of pain, using a high-quality CAT preview.  The execution of this minimally invasive, easy and virtually painless procedure, usually brings considerable relief, allows for an effective and rapid rehabilitation and return to normal life and work.  The treatment often allows to avoid surgery.

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