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What is the treatment method of lithotripsy?

     The term "Lithotripsy" comes from the Greek language and means stone crushing.  This effect is obtained by using the camera that produces energy in the form of pulses of ultrasonic waves or laser beams, focused on the kidney stone.  This results in the gradual fragmentation of stones (crushing) until the formation of small particles which can be removed from the body during urination.

What is the lithotripsy treatment (ESWL) using ultrasonic waves?

     Lithotripsy is the most frequent and the most common treatment for kidney stones.  It is chosen because of its low invasiveness, repeatability, ease of acceptance by the patient, but also because many times, despite theoretically less opportunities, manage to achieve complete cleaning of kidneys from deposits.  The patient is not exposed to a long stay in hospital.  The treatment gives it peace of mind and security.  Dissemination of this method eliminates almost completely the need for operative removal of stones from the kidney or ureter.  Typically, the patient can go home the same or next day.

Lithotripsy using our camera is a relatively simple method and usually proceeds as follows:

  • Before starting the procedure, the patient must lie comfortable on the treatment table of the MODULITH-SLK camera of STORZ MEDICAL.  Then the X-ray is performed to determine the location of the stone (or stones).  Using the bag of water located on the treatment table over the f ultrasonic source the patient is gently propped up on both sides. At the point of contact of the bag with the body, a slight impact of water is heard and felt.  Consecutive pulses precisely focused of ultrasound waves passing through the body cause progressive crushing of stone, until the formation of fine powder-like fragments.  Each pulse of the shock wave takes a fraction of a second, and the treatment time is usually from 30 to 50 minutes.

     Apparatus for X-rays or ultrasound, which is part of MODULITH kit, allows the physician to an accurate assessment of the stone first and then follow the process of fragmentation and control all the examination.

What is the lithotripsy treatment using laser of WOLF?

     Another type of treatment is lithotripsy treatment with the laser beam of WOLF company.  The laser lithotripsy, in which a flexible fiber optics are used, allows the use of flexible, steerable ureterorenoscopes, so you can penetrate cups kidney and voporise the stones crushed in them. After the treatment, the catheter JJ is generally left in the ureter, in order to ensure good drainage of urine.  Indications for ureterorenoscopy is primarily urethral stones, especially of the lower part.

How to prepare for lithotripsy?

     The day before the procedure normal consumption of food and fluid intake is allowed, with the exception of carbonated beverages.

     On the day of the examination, it is advisable that the patient is fasting,  last meal should be consumed no later than 6 hours prior to the treatment, medications should be taken while drinking a small amount of still water, in addition to drugs that reduce clotting.  Because of the contraindication for self-driving, the patient should arrive with a companion.

How the examination can be performed?

  • private (fee - according to the price list)
  • free (reimbursement by the National Health Fund, on the basis of referrals from specialist clinic).

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